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MontiSaurus Kids | Designed To Make Learning Fun

MontiSaurus Kids is an online store created early 2019 under the original name Little Bubs and Co. Inspired from our daughters Montessori learning experience or range of products are designed to make learning fun for your children.

Our Approach

We have partnered with some leading brands in educational play so that you have a one stop shop.

Focusing on some of the core values with Montessori learning we aim to provide natural, simple and explorative toys. 


Our Name

The name Little Bubs & Co is inspired by the Australian 'slang' name for baby/kids - bub 


About Montessori Learning

Imagine this - you are cleaning your house and your kitchen is a mess. You have too many utensils, too many pots and pans and you have become overstimulated (or stressed) by the abundance available to you. Now imagine what that experience is like for a child - but replacing your kitchen with a toy room, and the utensils with toys.

Surrounded by too many colours, too many noises and too many parts might overwhelm them. 

Montessori philosophies offer incredible wisdom in this arena and the strength of hours of studying to understand what children respond to and need in their environment.

Shopping at Little Bubs & Co is designed to make it simple for you when choosing toys.



Keep it simple. Don't provide overcomplicated plastic toys that provide different sounds, flashing lights and colour. A simple wooden puzzle with shapes and colour provides endless learning.


Keep the toy based in reality. A ball that falls and makes a noise provides natural, real learning about gravity.


Montessori toys are created from natural wood. This allows your child to take in much more information about the real world than a cold plastic toy.