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Le Toy Van Collection

Discover a world of pure imagination!

At Le Toy Van, wooden toys set the scene for idyllic childhood adventures. Charming Daisylane dolls houses and Honeybake home-life to jolly pirate ships and enthralling castles provide children with the inspiration to create their own stories. Le Toy Van believes in 4 important values; their designs are powered by imagination, replant the trees that create the toys, design gender neutral products and wood toys are the best type of toys. 

Le Toy Van toys are designed to stimulate creative and social play, inspire imagination to promote learning, while providing maximum enjoyment and play value. Le Toy Van products are categorised into a series of groups within the family tree. Customers can choose to click through the levels in each range or simply scroll down below for all products.


Le Toy Van eco-friendly sustainable wood certification


Le Toy Van ensures their products are environmentally friendly and that their legally harvest wood source is ethical and sustainable though ICTI certification.  Le Toy Van is renowned for their ethical standards, including ensuring fair treatment of their factory workers.


    Le Toy Van Designed in UK, Award winning and ethically made