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What you should pack in your hospital bag...


First of all, congratulations! Whether this is your first baby or a sibling for your other Little Bubs, the weeks leading up to the due date can be exciting, scary, stressful and completely overwhelming. To help ease that stress it is recommended to prepare your hospital bag weeks in advance. 

Here we have put together a list, plus some tips, that we used during our stay to the hospital.

What You Should Bring:

Clothes for you: we highly recommend that you start packing your hospital bag with your clothes, as most of the time mothers to be forget about their own clothes and focus on their bub to be's clothes. Bring a few changes of comfortable clothing. We recommend warm clothing as the hospital can get cold over night (generally aircons are set around 25c). Consider clothing that allows easy removal for breastfeeding, and dark clothing to hide the many stains you are likely to get on your clothing.

Clothes for bub: we recommend packing a few different sizes to ensure you have clothing that fits bub - as you never know your bubs size may surprise you. Pack warm clothing, with onsies highly recommended. 

Tip: a handy tip that we have used for bubs clothing is use large sandwich bags, and label them different sizes, ie one bag labelled 0000 Pjs. This keeps all the clothing together and avoids you trying to find clothing in a messy bag.

Maternity Pads: unfortunately after labour you are likely to have bleeding for a few weeks. Generally some hospitals do provide maternity pads, however its always good to bring your own in case they don't. Pack a few types, with heavy pads suggested in the first couple of weeks.

Nappies: you are going to need to pack heaps of nappies as its surprising how many you will go through during your stay at the hospital. 

Wipes: as with nappies, you are going to need heaps of baby wipes when changing Little Bubs nappies. 

Toiletries: the hospital may not provide you with toiletries so we recommend taking your own. This should include toothbrush & toothpaste, face wipes, shower gel & shampoo.

For your Little Bub they won't need. We suggest packing sudocrem or an equivalent for nappy rash. Midwifes recommend not bathing your Little Bub in soap for the first few months. 

 Chargers & Earphones: it cannot be underestimated how important a charger is these days. You will need your phone to keep in contact with family members, take those precious photos and keep your self entertained. Earphones are also essential as it allows you to watch your phone/tablet etc without waking your Little Bub or if you are sharing the room the other person.

Snacks: lets face it, hospital food isn't the greatest and after labour you maybe craving snacks. Look at healthy snacks and ones that will help with breastfeeding.


For your partner:

You never know how long your labour will take so we recommend packing some essentials for your partner.

Closed in shoes: unfortunately during labour complications can happen, and you may have to go into surgery for a c-section. You will want your partner in surgery for support, however they will only be allowed in with closed in shoes.

Change of clothing: your partner won't need heaps of clothing, but if you are having a water birth etc their clothes will get wet. Like your clothing we recommend comfortable and warm clothing as you never know how long labour will be.

Snacks & Water: once again you don't know how long labour will be - it may go during the night when coffee shops etc are closed. We recommend taking easy to eat snacks and bottles of water.

Charger: if it is a long labour your partner may need to charge their phone. We recommend taking an extra one to ensure both phones are being charged so that you can contact family members.

Once again congratulations. We hope this list has helped with easing any stress. If you have any tips that you have used comment below.


We are not medical experts. This article is offering advice based on personal experiences.

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